Easy Gel Polish Removal

How to Remove Cuccio Gel Polish. Have you struggled with Gel Polish Removal?  Well, let me show you how to easily remove your favourite Cuccio Gel Polish colour in a few simple steps:

Remove the Shine!

  • I would take my 180-grit file and gently remove the entire topcoat – remember it’s just the glossy topcoat that’s coming away here, NOT the colour, leave that to the Finger mates (keep reading you will see 😊)

Time to Soak Off

  • I then take my Cuccio Veneer Soak Off Solution, giving it a thorough shake (it contains a tiny amount of cranberry oil to help hydrate skin and nails). Using the Cuccio Veneer Finger Mates take a foam pad (top tip here – cut them in half, they will last twice as long – you are welcome!) and press down onto the Cuccio Veneer Soak Off Solution pump twice, so that you saturate the pad.  Put the pad back into the cap and place the finger into the cap so that the foam pad is over the nail. If you don’t have the Cuccio Veneer Finger mates simply saturate a piece of cotton wool with Conditioning Soak Off Solution (remember to shake the bottle before use) and apply that to the nail, wrapping securely with a square of foil.  I would suggest keeping the hands wrapped in a warm towel to help speed up the process, especially if you are working in a cool area (cool cold, not cool awesome!)

Gently Scrape Away

  • Now it’s time to remove the first Finger Mate or cotton wool wrapped foil from the nail (usually after about 7-10 minutes, depending on exposure to sunlight and length of gel polish wear) – the product will have crinkled and ‘crazed’ coming away from the nail by itself.  Take the Soak Off Removal Tool and gently scrape away the excess product from the nail plate.

Buff & Go!

  • Once removed, I use a Yellow Softie Block to buff the surface of the natural nail and clean the nails thoroughly with Sanitiser Spray.
  • I now have a set of clean, natural nails ready to take on another life of their own, perhaps with a Cuccio Colour of choice or maybe a treatment.  Personally, I love Trio 3-in-1, its just fantastic as a base coat, ridge filler and strengthener.
  • Don’t forget it’s really important to prep your nails correctly before applying Cuccio Colour or Cuccio Gel Polish again to prolong the wear time of these amazing products!
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